Tailgatez Sports Grill Menu

Prime Rib Burger

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle / add cheese .75 – Served with fries

Run of the Mill 

Burger with your choice of toppings 

1/2 lb. 11.95
1/4 lb. 9.95

Mushroom Swiss

Burger topped with Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms

1/2 lb. 11.95
1/4 lb. 9.95

Bacon, Egg and Cheese

Burger topped with American cheese, bacon and an over easy fried egg 

1/2 lb. 13.95
1/4 lb. 10.95

Black and Blue

Blackened burger topped with blue cheese crumbles, bacon and sautéed onions served with a side of Cajun ranch 

1/2 lb. 14.95
1/4 lb. 12.95

Tailgater Burger 

2 half pound burgers topped with 4 slices of bacon and American cheese, mayo and A1 steak sauce

1 lb. 17.95
1/2 lb. 14.95

Texas Burger

Burger topped with cheddar cheese, onion rings and bacon drizzled with KC BBQ sauce

1/2 lb. 13.95
1/4 lb. 11.95

Brisket Burger

Burger topped with cheddar cheese, crispy fried onions, and smoked brisket glazed in our Carolina sauce

1/2 lb. 14.95
1/4 lb. 11.95

SmokeHouse Burger

Burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, brisket, and pulled pork glazed with our Kansas City BBQ sauce

1/2 lb. 16.95
1/4 lb. 13.95

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


We will be updating our ordering system which will include hand held units to order food and drinks, Screens in the kitchen rather than paper slips. These changes will require training for our servers and kitchen staff. Before we go live with the new system which is planned for Monday July 8 th. We will need a practice period. We will be closed for training the morning of Monday July 8th . And reopen at 4:00 pm. With the increased cost of food, utilities, and labor cost we are forced to add 3% to credit or debit card purchases. This will also begin on July 8th, 2024. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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